In 2016, we started thinking how we could have a 100% music oriented platform where artists could stream live their shows while having they fans supporting them from around the corner to around the world.

The goal was obvious: Make music affordable for everyone. Most of the artists don’t have the ressources to tour outside of their countries because and most of the fans cannot attend their favorite live shows because of how expensive tickets have become.

The answer not so simple so we started Bandswith to solve the following equation: if you can’t travel and can’t afford a gig, well…why not use the digital tools we have and make the best of it. We did it, we developed our own digital platform keeping our human philosophy: Music before Money!

Our goal is to bring high quality digital shows to fans. Fans pay an affordable entrance ticket to a live show that they will own indefinitely. No subscription, you just buy what you want. Binge watching is not our philosophy, we’re rather one watch great show a month that 5 mediocre ones a day, So we’d like you to stop scrolling on you phone. Just kick back, let us bring you a one of a kind show for an hour with the performance of your choice and enjoy! On the other end of your smart TV, tablet, your favorite artist will make his/her share of your purchase and will be able to secure a real source of revenue to either go to studio record an album or just be on tour,…well have a comfortable income at the end of the month.

Besides the live platform, we offer a multitude of services for the artists to accomplish a perfect live gig before and after they’re on stage.