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Because, we believe in a fairer economy where artists, performers, and technicians earn their fair share of a ticket sale. We believe in a personalized and human approach: you’re not a product!

We guarantee a fair split from the first view which means that all Bandswith’s costs are included and there are no bad surprise before or after the performance for the artists. They are guaranteed to secure 70% of the tickets sales when choosing the Solo plan. For the other plan, this percentage will be adapted in regards of the extra services requested. Contact us for more information.

In addition to our amazing HD professionally produced concerts, Bandswith provides singers and performers with services such as: protection of their digital content, a personal paywall and dashboard, promotional videos, artistic advices and technical support.
We of course offer full transparency on ticket sales for the artists: they know exactly how many tickets are sold at any moment.

Music fans can stream their favorite shows live and once the show is over from their dashboards (please allow minimum 48 hours for replay access). They can also send their questions from their dashboards to the artists (only for live performances). Questions or song requests will be picked up by the artists. These requests close 24 hours before the beginning of the show. In their dashboards, fans can submit Bandswith with suggestions to help us build our community.