Who We Are

Bandswith was created by a team passionate about music and technology. We created Bandswith.com in the heart of Brussels and our production team is based in Brussels and Wallonia. Bandswith.com was born from the desire to provide artists, labels and concert halls with a digital platform dedicated to music and to accompany them in creating and broadcasting quality live concerts.
We allow artists to increase their fan base, in Belgium and internationally, and fans to access live music in one click. Bandswith offers an unprecedented shared music experience.

Our Values

Love of music

We love music, especially live music. Our mission is to put forward confirmed but also emerging artists because we believe in a brilliant local scene that deserves to be known. We offer original creations around the artists, their repertoires, through intense moments with unique backstage access that are also part of the fun!
Ethics: an evidence

We value fairness, transparency and the fair distribution of profits.
We also make sure that technology is at our service and not the other way around. We balance the human and automated aspects of our platform and will never share our members' data. We also aim for a carbon neutral footprint.
Connection as our mantra

We sincerely believe that music has the power to bring us together despite our differences. Our dream is to create a great community of music lovers, fans and artists, where everyone can express themselves and share their ideas, in a friendly environment.
A passion for technology

We aspire to provide access to quality live music for everyone and technology allows us to overcome existing geographical and economic barriers. We want to create a true digital experience accessible to all.

Our Team

Daoud Ghalimi
CEO & Founder

E. Dewachter

Yvan Flamant
Stream Guru

Nicolas Finet
Sound Engineer

Nicolas Degreef
Light Engineer

Brawlio Elias
Creative Director

BW Prod.
1st Camera Unit