Artists FAQ

Who and what is Bandswith?

We are a bunch of music lovers who wanted to create a fair music platform where everyone is welcome. We believe in a virtuous circle where not every bit of the platform is revolving around money. We want to partner up with established artists to give their fans great shows and invest our time and dime in emerging artists because they also deserve great shows.

In short, we offer:

  • Professional live and productions
  • Filming Locations
  • Pre and post live services to artists
  • Advertisement before, during and after the show
  • Personal tailored advices
  • Downloadable tutorials
  • A safe and sturdy live streaming platform
  • A safe paywall
  • Your personal secured channel
  • Monthly earnings
  • Included banking transactions
  • And much more…

Who can perform on Bandswith?

Any musician, singer, band, orchestra who wants to share a live show with fans.

Can I use someone else’s material, original footage or copyrighted videos?

No, you cannot appropriate to yourself someone else’s work. You are liable for what you stream or upload on In case of infringement, appropriation or any misuse of music or/and video, you’ll be held responsible. At Bandswith, we value original artistic creations.

Is it only live stream?

Bandswith’s main purpose is to let you stream your show live.

If you don’t feel quite comfortable yet with going live, you can record your show and upload it and we’ll advertise it to your fans and future fans as recorded live show.

How does Bandswith verify artists?

To create an account, artists must register as an artist, fill their profile with the requested information needed. Bandswith will get in touch with you to double check if all your details are accurate.

How long does it take for my artist account to get approved?

It takes usually less than 24 hours depending on the volume of requests.

Can I host a livestream for free?

Yes, on certain occasions, we’ll partner up with you and sponsor or find the right formula to accommodate your needs if we can.

Am I able to choose my own ticket price?

Yes, but there is a minimum set price of €11 or $13. We have a whole team giving you support and services. This minimum set price allows us to give you a professional service.

Will I be able to host a soundcheck and a video check before the stream?

Yes, we provide you with a test channel you can use up to 2 weeks prior your live performance. You will find the test channel in your dashboard.

Are there minimum requirements to broadcast a show on Bandswith?

Yes. On a technical note, we ask require professional production with an excellent sound and a minimum of 1080p HD for the image. Keep it cool and over 60 minutes. That’s a minimum duration.
On an artistic note, we support all the genres of music! Everyone is welcome!

I’m not tech savvy, is this going to be easy to figure out?

We made the livestream process as simple as possible. You will also have a Bandswith team members you can reach through your dashboard for technical, artistic and financial questions.

We remind you that you can’t improvise a quality live stream, it requires technical skills and professional hardware. We suggest you get a professional team to help you stream your show.

If you don’t have the resources for such a production, you can record your concert and upload it on our platform. That works too. It is called the Solo production.

I have a show in mind, I don’t where or when to start. Can you help me out?

Yes. Contact us via your dashboard and we’ll get back to you to give you support. Usually, you start planning a show two weeks in advance to let your fans know that you are performing soon. It helps you build your audience. On our end, we’ll communicate too on your show across all the platforms. We’ll send you videos and pictures for you to post too. We’ll be in touch throughout these two weeks to guide you if you need it and to let you know how many fans will be attending your show. You can also keep an eye on your ticket sales in your dashboard.

How do I get paid?

We wire your earnings on the 1 st of each month. You can check your earnings by the minute if you wish in your dashboard, they are updated constantly. Please, note that, your earnings might take a few days before landing on your bank account depending on your region and bank.

Earnings can be held in last resort by Bandswith for concerts that are being disputed by fans for valid reasons such as poor sound, poor image, show cancelled, show interrupted, short performance under 60 minutes… Arbitrage will be done internally resulting in a full refund to fans if the show is depicted as poor.

Do you send me my earnings every month even if I only got a few purchases recently?

Yes. Every 1st of the month.

We’re a band, can you split evenly our earnings?

No. in your dashboard, you have the option of entering only one bank account number. You can either create a bank account for the band or designate a trustworthy recipient to collect the monthly earnings.

We’re a band, do we create multiple profile?

No. Only one profile per artist or band. This means, one email address, one password and one bank account for all of you. You and/or your manager are in charge and legally responsible of running your account.

I’ve uploaded pictures, videos, shows (Solo) and I want to erase my account. Is it possible?

Yes. You can erase your account from your dashboard. Allow us a few days to erase all your information and profile. Please note, that concerts are paid and bought by fans. Only concerts will remain on our servers for the fans who have paid for unlimited access. However, these concerts will no longer be available and visible for new users or fans who have not paid for access. We will not erase past history on social media.

I’ve partnered up and coproduced a show with Bandswith (Duo or Relax) and I want to erase my account. Is It possible?

No. Since Bandswith has invested a minimum of 50% in the production, we must found a balance between investment and return on investment. Also, keep in mind, our goal is to keep the virtuous circle going. The production costs of your show comes from another artist and will help the next one and so forth.

How much does Bandswith cost for an artist and how Bandswith make money?

We are a transparent as can be. We will never take extra commission besides the one mentioned below:

Relax: Bandswith produces the entire concert and broadcasts it live on -> 75% commission
Duo: Bandswith and the artist produce the concert and broadcast it live on -> 50% commission
Solo: The artist produces the concert and broadcasts it live on -> 30% commission

I still have questions, who can I contact?

You can use our form Contact & Help on our homepage or you can send us a message in your dashboard if you’re already registered. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. One tip: leave us your phone number.

How do I get started?

Click on Join Us on the top right corner.