Fans FAQ

Where do I watch my purchased live show?

You can watch it on, sign in or log in to your account, click on the purchased show and you will have access to it. Usually the feed starts a few minutes before the actual show. It allows you to set up your desired volume, image quality according to your device and make sure your browser is up to date.

How can I watch the livestream?

Once logged into your account, click on the show your purchased. The stream will load. If you see the mention « media offline », this means the show has not started yet. Refresh this page closer to the starting time of the show.

What devices can I use to watch my livestream?

  • On your computer’s internet browser supporting HTML5 technology.
  • On your phone’s internet browser supporting HTML5 technology.
  • On your tablet’s internet browser supporting HTML5 technology.
  • On your gaming console’s internet browser supporting HTML5 technology.
  • On selected smart TV’s internet browser supporting HTML5 technology. If this playback clip is working on your smart TV’s internet, your live concert will be accessible. Prefer LAN ethernet connection to WIFI connection.
  • On your Smart TV, connecting your computer to your TV via an HDMI cable.
  • On Airplay, you can cast it to your smart TV
Make sure your connection is fast enough. Before buying any livestream ticket, check if your browser is compatible and if your connection is fast enough, if you can watch this clip, this means, you’re going to be most likely able to enjoy your live stream.

Make sure your mobile phone plan has enough data to enjoy the show until the end.

Use Ethernet or Wifi instead of cellular network for a stable connection. If you are using your cellular data plan, choose a lower definition (i.e 720p if available) to limit data usage and avoiding data overage.

Can the show be streamed on two or more devices at the same time?

No. Only one connection is allowed per account. The last person to log in on an account will automatically log out the person who was already logged in. Share the couch, not your account ;-)

Can I watch my purchased live show after it aired live?

Yes. Our livestreams are accessible for replay after the actual live show aired. However, if for any reason a concert is not going to be able for replay after the live show, it will be mentioned on the paywall.

Shows are accessible for replay 48 hours after the original show aired. This period allows us to edit the video, the sound, add extra credits or any part of the show that needs to be improved if needed. The replay show might differ from the original livestreamed show for technical, artistic or legal reasons.

Where can I watch the show?

Your purchased shows are accessible from your library in your dashboard.

What happens if the show is not going as planned (cancellation, no live feed)?

We proceed to automatic refunds and/or we will follow up on a refund request only for the following reasons:

The show was cancelled by the producer or the artist or the label or the venue. Note that, a change of broadcasting location or venue does not qualify for a refund request or automatic refund when the broadcasting is still taking place.

Technical reasons on our end interrupted the live broadcast. Note that, we are not proceeding to refund if your connection fails or you run out of data during the show or for any issue that could come on your end. If you connection is interrupted, you will still be able to re-watch the show 48 hours later.

If weather conditions halt the show definitely and the show cannot resume. If the show is resumed, this does not qualify for a refund request or an automatic refund.

For a refund request, send us an email at: In your email, please mention:

Your first and last name.

Object: The reason of your refund request.

The show your purchased and the transaction number (mentioned on the Proof of Payment sent by our partner, Inplayer).

For all unresolved claim, complaint, please note that the sole Court of Brussels, Belgium is competent for such arbitrage.

I have purchased a ticket but I’m not going to be able to watch the concert at the time of the livestream. Can I get a refund?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed to refund if you cannot attend the concert.

The good news is that you will be able to watch it from your library in your dashboard 48 hours after the show was first broadcasted.

All shows are purchased (unless mentioned otherwise on the paywall) which means you can watch and re-watch the shows, there is no limitation in time to watch the purchased show (unless mentioned otherwise).

Where can I find my purchase confirmation?

After proceeding to the payment of the show, you will receive an email from Bandswith acknowledging you purchased the show. You will receive a proof of payment from Inplayer, our partner in charge of all our invoices and securing all our digital assets.

If you haven’t received an email confirmation, check your junk or spam folder. Make sure you entered the right contact details in your dashboard.

You will also find the history of all your transactions in your dashboard: Dashboard › Your previous purchases.

Can I gift a concert to a friend?

Yes. You can gift a concert to a friend. After you have clicked “Buy” on the desired show, you’ll be offered the option “Buy as a gift” and follow the required steps. You friend will receive in her or his mailbox the gift and will be able to attend the concert with his or her email. It’s easy-peasy.

Can transfer a concert I purchased to a friend?

No. You cannot transfer a purchased show or your contents stored in your library. You can use the “Buy as a gift” option.

How do I opt out of receiving emails from Bandswith?

You can unsubscribe from all marketing emails and re-opt on the category Newsletter on the bottom of the homepage. Enter your email address and click unsubscribe.

Do I have to entirely complete my profile?

It is recommended to enter all your personal information. It will be useful to identify you if you have issues logging in or if you have any questions related to your account. We also need your contact details to call or email you if you have taken part in a contest or raffle.

Can I erase permanently my account?

Yes. You can erase your account permanently but all your purchases will be lost. You will not be able to recover prior purchases and watch purchased shows. Erasing your account is an irrevocable action.

Can I send suggestions to Bandswith?

Yes. You can send us suggestions of bands you’d like to see perform on Bandswith. You can recommend names of places or venues that could host shows. You can also let us know how we are performing. You can send your recommendations or suggestions via the suggestion form in your dashboard.

Do I get rewarded if my suggestion is picked?

Yes. A member of our team will contact your to thank you and reward your for your suggestion if picked. Please note that only one fan can be rewarded for the same suggestion. The first chronological suggestion will be picked.

Can I watch my show in a public place (a bar, a restaurant, university, etc.)?

Yes. This screening can only be an additional offer to your main business. The concert cannot be advertised as the main event. It cannot be monetized either. If, for any technical reasons the concert is stopped or cancelled, we cannot be held responsible if you decided to monetize the event. You will only be refunded the one time ticket you bought.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…in FAQ, where can I ask question?

You can use preferably the Contact Us form in your dashboard after you signed in. Or, you can use the Contact & Help form situated on the bottom of the home page.