Because we are passionate about music and we don’t consider music as profit and loss. We are not corporate or backed by major investors. We have ambitions but this ambition is intertwined with the artists and the music fans desires of a better community and affordable shows.
We are genuinely transparent about the relationship between the artists and Bandswith.

Bandswith provides music professionals with a platform using the latest technology in terms of live streaming and content protection. Artists, labels and venues are now able to use for free a platform that enables them to monetize their shows and earn extra revenue. At Bandswith, we are not just a streaming platform, we foster a true connections with artists, we take care of payments, edit live shows, engineer and master the soundtracks of your concert to finally upload it on our website. Music fans have the choice between purchasing the live concert or the digital album or both.

In order to keep our platform up and running we partner up with all artists on a 50/50 split of revenue based on amount of live stream subscribers. We feel this is a fair split between Bandswith and artists/performers to sustain a platform that gives back to you, the creator and the fan. Streaming with us, you know that you’ll always be treated fairly and that we will support you.