In 2016, we started thinking how we could have a 100% music oriented platform where artists could stream live their shows while having their fans support them both locally and globally.

Our goal was obvious: make quality live music accessible for everyone. A growing percentage of artists don’t have the ressources to tour outside of their home countries because of all the inherent costs of a tour and, on the other hand, because more fans cannot attend their favorite live shows because of how expensive tickets have become.
We began collaborating with artists and we launched Bandswith to solve the problem of travel and expenses. Utilizing the digital tools and media we have developed we have developed our own digital platform celebrating « Music above Money ».

Our goal is to bring easy, safe and high quality digital content to music fans on Smart TV, game console or mobile device. Fans can purchase tickets to a live stream performance that will also be available on replay. No subscriptions. No algorithms. Just quality selected by you. So kick back and enjoy the show!
Your ticket purchase provides the artists with a source of income and motivates them to create more quality content.

We guarantee that artists will make their fair share of any purchase, thus securing a real source of income to record an album or schedule their next concerts. Bandswith also offers a multitude of tailored services to artists before, during and after their shows to accomplish perfect live gigs.