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Welcome, music fans!

Bandswith was born in 2016 after instructive talks with unknown bands whose performances blew us away. The band members told us they had barely toured since their formation, nor had released a single album despite their fantastic repertoire. The problem was the lack of exposure. We decided to address it by creating a global digital stage where fans can attend concerts and discover bands from all over the world.

Live concerts have become overpriced because of brokers and speculation. Tickets sell out in seconds but sometimes concerts get cancelled and some shows never come to a part of the world because they are not bankable enough or geographically desirable. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and live concerts couldn’t happen at all. This strengthened our determination to make a change!

Our platform broadcasts high-quality live concerts to music fans at a fair price. Replays are available for free permanently. Fans can fully live their passion with artist one-to-ones, interviews, behind-the-scene tours, raffles and contests before and after the gigs for a rich and immersive experience.

As an independent production platform, we bring to you the best possible creative and performance environment. All our artists are paid fair and square from the first ticket! We care about your privacy; thus, we don’t share your data with anyone.

Bandswith’s mission is to empower an independent live music community to share its passion in fairness and openness.

Welcome to your new fair digital stage!

The Bandswith Team