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If you wish to broadcast a show, create an account by clicking I Want to Broadcast a Show and complete your profile. Once this is done, your account needs to be approved by our team, we’ll contact you to confirm your identity. We’ll then set up your channel, your paywall and help you with your profile if needed. We’ll give you tips to accomplish a perfect broadcast, we’ll also promote your show. You can now schedule your show ! According to your needs, we’ll even produce the show for you (only available in Belgium, France, Germany & The Netherlands at the moment).

In your dashboard, you can contact us to check what plan suits you best and how we can assist you to broadcast the ideal concert. Here are the different options for broadcast and production:

Relax: Bandswith produces the entire concert and broadcasts it live on bandswith.com More info here

Duo: Bandswith and the artist produce the concert and broadcast it live on bandswith.com More info here

Solo: The artist produces his/her show (live or recorded) on bandswith.com More info here

In your dashboard, you have access at all time to your earnings. Bandswith being totally transparent in terms of revenue, you can see how much tickets have been sold by the minute. Your earnings are wired to you on the 1st of each month (please allow a few days depending on your bank and geographical region).