How Do I Watch A Show?

If you wish to watch a show, create an account, fill in your profile, buy the concert you want to watch and you’re all set! See you at the time of the show.

If you missed your show, no worries, you can replay it as much as you want from your dashboard (allow minimum 48 hours for the upload). You can also watch past shows, just click on « Buy » and you’ll have access to these shows from you library. All shows are « bought », which means you have permanent access to them unless you decide to erase your account.

We’re working hard to make sure our platform is compatible with most browsers and devices. If you can watch this clip, this means you’re most likely to enjoy a seamless live show.

Shows can be watched on one screen at the time. Logging in a new device will result in logging out automatically another device. So, call your best friends or family and enjoy your favorite shows at home!
Who Can Stream A Show?

Anyone who shares our values and philosophy and has a quality show to offer. Wether you’re a big rockstar, an emerging rapper, an independent artist, a band, a label, or a venue you’re welcome to use our platform.

We just ask you to follow these requirements: please, make sure you own the rights of the lyrics and music you’ll perform. Bandswith cannot be held responsible for any unpaid rights or copyright infringement. If you wish to broadcast to limit international broadcast to certain regions for copyright reasons, please contact us in your dashboard.

We require the broadcaster to maintain a high level of production: shows must last at least 60 minutes and must be streamed with a minimum quality of 1080p with professional sound. More info here…

Please be aware we condemn all forms of hate speech, offensive comments, especially towards ethnicity and sexual orientation. These will be prohibited at all times as well as nudity.