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God is among us. Not that Nicolas Dieu has been absent in recent years. Until now, he was known as Mister Cover, behind the microphone. A band started in 2002, with some "super musician" friends, that he let grow at his own pace, to the point of filling the Ancienne Belgique and Forest National on several occasions, and that still has big dates ahead of it.

And then, on a beautiful eighth day and as one God can sometimes hide another, Nicolas came back to us with a new project called, in all simplicity, "Oh Mon Dieu". A new musical identity, radically different from that of Mister Cover, as much as fiercely introspective, and which, following an eponymous EP, brings us this first album entitled "Les Meilleures Versions De Nous-Mêmes".

A better version of Nicolas Dieu? Or, in any case, an avatar that leaves his "rugbyman/entertainer" image behind and brings to light a shadowy side that we didn't know he had. An intimate, demanding self, and an artist who is especially gifted at telling his story in the right words, which immediately resonate with us.

We discover a dozen songs that, for some of them, the 43-year-old Hennuyer has been "carrying" inside him for years, dreaming of sharing them one day but without daring to believe it. The lyrics are his own, because he couldn't imagine putting someone else's words to this eminently personal project. For the melodies, it's up to him: tunes that have been in his ears for a long time, but also collaborations that are always welcome.

These songs, all new, have an energy that is no less than that. It is as if, in the studio, the man had met himself, as if he had discovered the full potential of these tracks. He praises the benefits of this intimate work, which, according to him, is worth "10 years of psychoanalysis". From "Je n'aime que toi", which evokes the feeling of love and the happiness of succumbing to it, to "Sainte Colère", which speaks of healthy indignation and legitimacy. Nicolas Dieu knows it well: "You only get what you love". This is why his universe as well as his way of revealing it to us show a rare coherence, a salutary integrity, which delights us again and again. All the way to the end of an album that is anything but monochrome and that cannot leave one indifferent.

Thank God!